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Technomatic is one of the leading manufacturers of Car Scanner, 3D Wheel Aligners in India. Located in Faridabad, the company manufacturers car scanner, wheel aligners, tyre changers, wheel balancers, etc.Technomatic is one of India’s most trusted and professional company in the field of car scanners and Garage Equipments. One of the distinct characteristics of this trustworthy company is its promise to meet success & perfection. Technomatic Automotive Components Pvt. Ltd. nurtures an enterprise to stand tall in the realm of Automobile Industry by proffering the best quality equipments in the field of Garage Equipments. The enterprise of Technomatic has primarily been founded by its promoters, who have an immaculate technical knowledge and huge experience in the different kind of car scanners and automobile industry. The founders of the company made a humble beginning by starting a small venture driven by their passion towards


Why Technomatic –

-  High quality garage equipments

-  Best technical knowledge & manpower

-  Wide range of satisfied clients

- Wide range of garage equipments

3D Wheel Alignment Machine

Our TM-50 Wheel Aligner is equipped with the advanced camera beam makeup to make the

procedure of the Wheel Align far easier and flexible. There are other features of our 3D wheel

Alignment Machine which has made us your first and trustworthy choice-

Self-guided LED support

Drive-on camera

3D Tech rectification

Reasonable PDA design and small enough to carry easily

Reference display for all wheels

Guidance display either for rear or for front wheels