Geared with a highly developed automatic voice-over mechanism that can instruct you step by step during the whole process of wheel alignment, the TM – 70 version of Technomatic’s 3D Wheel Alignment system is a step forward from its predecessors the TM-50. It comes with an adjustable lifting pole that can be fine-tuned in accordance with the height to the range of 2.1 meters during the procedure of alignment with the assistance of a remote.


Modern built: The camera beam facility that comes with this device gives it a completely new dimension and makes it a grand entry into the wheel alignment equipments. You can choose among the various structures.


Golden eyes: The high quality lens attached offer compliance with the stringent outdoor environment and keep out the unwanted rays so as to help read the discs properly which will increase the quality of the service the item provides.


High definition camera: The pair of high definition camera that comes with this device along with the super fast and consistent central system helps to increase the transfer of pictures at a rate of around 15 frames in one second. This results in the measurements being displayed continuously.

Target disk: Build from superior quality materials that will not break even if they fall from a height of 10 m, the target disks of this wheel aligner can last for a longer period of time than the general ones.

Excellent features and the dual display mechanism


Self guided LED support: The continuously flaring LED lamps provide a moment to moment feedback while the measurements are being carried out and help control the procedures effectively.


3D tech rectification: One inspection throughout the entire length of the process can distinguish the errors occurring due to erroneous installation or deformation of the edges.


Reference display for the four wheels: The processes of camber, toe and their distinctions are concurrently displayed thus helping enhance the wheel aligner’s visual display.


Guidance display for the rear/front wheels: Depending on the requirements of the various users the display for the rear and the front wheels can help adapt to several situations.


Voice-over mechanism: The alignment operator will be guided throughout the entire procedure of the alignment


Structural measurements: The body measurement mechanism of the wheel aligner can help assess the dimensions of the chassis, such as the width of the track, axle offset and wheel base.



Display of the camber/toe of the four wheels: The information regarding the toe or the camber of the four wheels get displayed simultaneously to offer efficient evidence.


Drive-on camera: The PC camera that is attached to this device offers special mirror operations that can help the operator guide appropriately while positioning the device.


Adjustable lifting pole: The pole can be adjusted anytime up to a length of 2.1 meters.