The TM- 50 wheel aligner from Technomatic is equipped with modern age camera beam makeup so as to make the process of wheel aligning comparatively easier and flexible. It is equipped with high quality lens material that can easily with stand the harsh outdoor environment and eliminate the effect of unwanted light rays so that the images captured from the target disk are clear and accurate. As it is geared with cameras of high definition and a consistent yet super fast computer controlling system, the transference of the images can be as fast as 15 images per second which makes the measurements to be portrayed constantly.



Modern built: This wheel aligner comes with an up-to-date camera beam technology that makes it a great device if you are looking for wheel aligners.


Golden eyes: It consists of good quality lenses that are capable of filtering out any stray light in order to pickup and analyze the targeted disk accurately.


High definition camera: This wheel aligner comprises of a pair of high definition cameras and a secured digital control system that can help in the easy and fast transmission of images at the rate of 15 images/ s.

Target disk: This 3d wheel aligner consists of target disks than are built from superior quality material which are break proof for up to a height of 10 m. High end engineering has made the longevity of these materials far more superior that many of its competitors.

Excellent features and the dual display mechanism


Self guided LED support: The TM- 50 is equipped with LED lamp that flare up continuously so as to provide step by step feedback during the process of measurement and aid the workmen to keep a tab on the process of measurement efficiently.


3D tech rectification: The TM-50 is well equipped in offering an all round rectification for the problems caused due to installation error or deformation of the edges.


Reference display for the four wheels: The display screen continuously flares up the camber, toe measurements and their distinction as well. This helps in boosting up the display feature of the TM-50.


Guidance display for the rear/front wheels: The requirements of the users are always found to be different and so as the solution to their display functions of the front and rear wheel of their car helping them accordingly to adapt with the various situations.


Structural measurements: With TM-50 you can measure the width of the track, wheel base and axle offset in order to get the exact gauge of your car chassis.



Display of the camber/toe of the four wheels: The display feature of the TM-50 simultaneously portrayed the camber or the toe information regarding to the four wheels of the automobile. This feature offers the workshop with an efficient management of their services.


Drive-on camera: The TM-50 comes equipped with a PC camera that is capable of offering mirror functionalities in order to guide the operator accurately while he is at his job of placing the device.