Technomatic has emerged among the Indian pioneers in the production of 3D Wheel Aligners. Established in Faridabad; the company’s main aim is to manufacture high quality wheel aligners, tyre changers, wheel balancers, etc.

Today, Technomatic is ranked amongst the trustworthy and extremely professional player in the domain of production of Garage Equipments. We have been able to always stand up to our promise of quality and great service and this is what distinguishes us from our competitors.

We are an enterprise that stands tall against all odds in the field of Automobile Industry and our high quality garage equipments have helped us to achieve this milestone. Technomatic was founded by its promoters, who due to their experience possess the best technical knowledge of the automobile industry.

Technomatics humble journey began when its founders started directing their passion in the automotive industry towards building something great for the people. Innovative equipment such as injector cleaners, engine de-carbonizers etc were included later in the production list as the growth of the industry became eminent. Several MNCs were easily attracted by the quality of the items that we offered in the market and they easily accepted us to be their OEM. Our reputation started plummeting in the market and we soon launched products under our brand name.

Our impeccable knowledge and high quality products have given us the appropriate exposure in the world market and we have been always able to provide our customers with the latest range of innovative and quality items with quality servicing in the domain of the automotive industry,

Our duty does not end as we close the deal with the customer. We understand that servicing and customer support is equally important and so to do it in the best way we offer help to our customers via our sales offices, our engineers and our dealer network spread across India,

Armed with the latest technology and ideas, extremely professional and skilled craftsmen, we strive to offer to our customers the very best products that they can imagine of, to serve their needs. Our vision and professionalism has inevitably helped us emerge as the market leaders in the domain. Our credibility, popularity and trustworthiness have always been collaborated by our quality products. Our sole aim is to provide the best product to the market, take good care of the after sales queries and support and harnessing technology for customer satisfaction.

Our experienced and compassionate marketing team is highly motivated to enhance Technomatics performance to rise above its competitors and surpass all previously set limits.