Wheel Balancer

Technomatic is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of  Wheel Balancer Machines in India. Our company is located in Faridabad and the company is known for manufacturing Wheel Alignment,Tyre Changers, Wheel Balancer machines etc. Technomatic is one of India’s most trusted and professional company in the field of Garage and Car Equipment’s.


Car Wheel Balancers Machine

Tire or wheel  balancing/ assembly is a necessary service and is a good profit center for garage shop owner.Modern vehicles are highly tuned and slight imbalance of wheel will affect the performance, comfort, driver & furl economy very badly so it is important to maintain the balance of your wheels.

Wheel Balancing Machine is required when

  • A balanced weight falls off
  • New tire are purchased
  • Your tire get replaced or repaired.

Technomatic gives you the best car wheel balancer machines at a very reasonable price. You can even buy the machine at easy monthly installments.

Check out our Wheel Balancer Machines model below.



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